(04/10/2016) | Các Dự Án Tham Gia

The client

Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Lien Viet Post Bank), formerly known as Bank of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Union (LienVietBank) ,was established under Operation License No  91 / GP-NHNN in 2008 by Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam.

The founding shareholders of Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank include Him Lam Joint Stock Company, Saigon Trading Group (SATRA) and the Southern Airports Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO). Currently, with the authorized capital of 6460 billion dong, Lien Viet Post Bank is in the top 10 largest Joint Stock Commercial Bank in Vietnam.

Our Services

Lien Viet Post Bank ordered Saigon Translation to provide simultaneous interpretation services for the 20th WSBI Asia Pacific Regional Group Meeting on finance and banking, held in Hanoi from 21-23 May, 2014. In order to successfully serve the event, interpreters are requires to have great command of 4 languages namely Vietnamese, English, Spanish, and French, on top of deep knowledge in finance. Saigon Translation had actively contributed to the success of the event, choosing the best interpreters among thousands of freelancers.

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