7 Major Factors to Consider During Language Translation

To be able to communicate fluently and effectively with customers, partners and personnel in other countries, you will need translation services to help you overcome the language barrier. Even if you have multilingual staff in the company, you’ll still want a language specialist to ensure that your information and content is brought to the Audience accurately and quickly.

Translation is not a process to work mechanically. Many people believe that translators only change words from one language into another language. In fact, it is the art of delivering of content, remain original content and keep it consistent with the culture and way of speaking of native speakers.

Let’s see 7 major factors to consider during language translation.

  1. Accuracy: All translations must be absolute accurate. You need to pay attention to the appropriateness of the culture and lifestyle of native speakers while translate a text.
  2. Grammar – Spelling: If you want to translate text in a florid and flexible way, make sure you know the grammatical structure. Otherwise, make it short and simple!
  3. Writing convention of the target language: The regulation of the use of sentences, punctuation, paragraphs also need to be noticed.
  4. Idioms, slang and phrase: These are the things you cannot know it all no matter how long you have done the translation job. Even native speaker cannot grasp all proverbs in their language.
  5. Writing system: Many languages such as Hebrew and Arabic language is applied the rule of read from right to left.
  6. Consistency: When translating specialized documents, it may contain many phrases and terms which are repeated, make sure those terms are used consistently from the beginning to the end of the translation.
  7. The rules to write numbers and dates, how to use commas and periods in the count.

Above are things that a translator must pay attention in the translation process. You can also order additional editorial and proofreading services to have a elaborate translation. These services are usually delivered by native speaker of the target language.

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