An expert in translation service

There are over 200 different languages spoken in the world, some of which are common languages with a larger number of speakers than some other relatively unknown ones. However, the demand for translation service is not limited to only a specific language. It varies greatly, instead.

Saigon Translation is proud to be a reliable translation company for you documents. Not only must our translators understand the subject matter, but they must also be fluent in their language pair, and convert them accurately, in a culturally sensitive way, ideas and concepts into the other language.

Because translating is more than just converting words from one language into another, translators should have excellent writing abilities and can deliver accurate translations that read as if they originated in the target language. To ensure the quality of translators, Saigon Translation has to conduct a thorough and frequent tests and examinations to choose the right candidates to deal with any kind of documents.

Saigon Translation offers a fast, efficient, professional and high quality language translation service to and from one to all other language variations. Every field including business, marketing, technical, legal and financial will be handled perfectly by Saigon Translation.

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