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Book project on training at vocational school inVietnam(Ministry of Defence) 15.0000 PagesCNN Team CNN  2010
Book on banking inVietnam 1000 PagesCNN Team State bank 2011
Economic book on bussiness administration ofNationalEconomicUniversity
World cinema, the life and works Trinh Thanh Thuy Thanh Nien  2006
Halo effect (2009) Trinh Thanh Thuy Tri Thuc
Letter to the young journalists (2009) Trinh Thanh Thuy Tri Thuc
Lehman Brothers fantasy Trinh Thanh Thuy, Le Đinh Chi Young Vietnamese
History of untold stories (2011) Trinh Thanh Thuy Encyclopedia
Bending tongue seven times before speaking (2011) Trinh Le National Economic Thai Ha Books
Card balance point – Turn strategy into action Trinh Thanh Thuy – Le Đinh Chi DT books
Curved world (2011) Bui Lan, Nguyen Loi Times DT books
The spirit of the animal and its herd psychology (2011) Thanh Van, Bui Lan Alpha books
Surprise Services – stunned customers Le Đinh Chi Alpha books
Way to the great ocean Phuong Van Alpha books
Digital marketing Tin Viet Tri thuc VNN Publishing
How I earned the first one million dollars (2011) Le Thuy Hanh, My Ly, Lan Phuong Alpha books
What happened in White House of President Bush Bui Lan, Nguyen Loi Long Minh books Unpublished
100 most interesting war stories have never told (2011) Nguyen Bao Thanh Encyclopedia
100 most interesting president stories have never told (2011) Trinh Thanh Xuan, Hoang Mai Encyclopedia
The most wicked men in the history Tran Thach Vu Cong An ND
The most wicked women in the history(2011) Phan Thu Trang Cong An ND
50 military leaders have changed the world Vu Anh Long Minh books Unpublished
50 battles have changed the world Lan Phuong Long Minh books Unpublished
50 weapons have changed the war Nguyen Bao Thanh Long Minh books Unpublished
10 most important things you should do for children (2010) Le Mong Han Women
The world record (2010) Nguyen Bao Thanh Kim Đong
You can save the planet Le Nhu Quynh Kim Đong
Have the elephants never been absent-minded? My Ly Kim Đong
Knowledge for young children Trinh Thanh Xuan Kim Đong
To become a talented guy Trinh Thanh Xuan Kim Đong
To become a hero Hoang Mai Kim Đong
To become the perfect husband Lan Phuong Kim Đong
To become the perfect father Bao Thanh Kim Đong
Classic stories for children Nguyen Tra Long Minh books Unpublished
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