With solution centers covering all over the worlds, global teams of Cantonese localization and project management experts, advanced technology, and an external network including thousands of freelancers, Saigon Translation has the resources to provide unparalleled global market expertise with comprehensive and practical local experience –  Cantonese translation – interpretation services.

See following information for our supported Cantonese language services:

  • Cantonese Document Translation
  • Cantonese Legal Translation
  • Cantonese Book Translation
  • Cantonese Website/Software Translation
  • Cantonese Consecutive Interpretation
  • Cantonese Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Cantonese Remote – Telephone Interpretation 
  • Cantonese Translation Services
  • Cantonese Interpretation Services
  • Cantonese Voice-overs Services
  • Cantonese Subtitling, Captioning
  • Cantonese Dubbing Services
  • Cantonese Transcription Services
  • Cantonese Staffing Solutions

Cantonese Language Facts:

Spoken in: Southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.
Region: central Guangdong; the Pearl River Delta; eastern and southern Guangxi; parts of Hainan
Total speakers: 66 million

Cantonese is one of the major dialect groups or languages of the Chinese language or language family. It is mainly spoken in parts of southern Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, by Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia and by many overseas Chinese of Guangdong and Hong Kong origin worldwide. The name is derived from Canton, a former romanized Western name for Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province.

Different dialects of Cantonese are spoken depending on area. The most prestigious is the Guangzhou dialect, also referred to simply as “Cantonese”. The Guangzhou dialect is the lingua franca of not just Guangdong province, but also the overseas Cantonese diaspora, spoken by about 70 million Cantonese worldwide. The Guangzhou dialect is also spoken in Hong Kong, a financial and cultural capital of southern China. In addition to the Guangzhou dialect, the Taishan dialect, one of the sei yap or siyi (dialects that come from Guangdong counties where a majority of Exclusion-era Cantonese-Chinese immigrants emigrated, continues to be spoken both by recent immigrants from Southern China and even by third-generation Chinese Americans of Cantonese ancestry alike.

Like other major varieties of Chinese, Cantonese is often considered a dialect of a single Chinese language for cultural or nationalistic reasons. See Identification of the varieties of Chinese.

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