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As one of the NICs, Korea now become a developed country and big investor of Asia. In order to make the investing or expanding plan successful, consulting to relevant supporting services is a must. In details, translation service is one of the most necessary services that play an important role in assisting the main economics sector achieving their targets. In other words, behind the success of any Korean group in other countries is the companion of a Korean translation company

With 78 million worldwide speakers, Korean is an official language in 3 regions: North Korea, South Korea & Yanbian (in People’s Republic of China). The success of your Korean translation definitely depends on how effectively you connect with your Korean audience and understand what the important Korean materials say. As such, the role of Korean translators are significant. Saigon Translation Company is a leading Korean translation company which owns over 10.000 translators. Among them, the number of Korean translators accounts for a big part. Through our expert linguistic resources in Korea, US, Europe and Asia, our team will ensure that your Korean message will reach and touch to your target readers in the way you intend. Or, if you have a foreign document that you need to read, our Korean translation company will let you easily understand what they says so that you can make effective business decisions.
Some people may wonder whether Saigon Translation is competent enough to handle their translation projects. For their information, Saigon Translation was establishes since 2005. Over 10 years of experience, we have entered into many markets and put our influence on translation industry almost country of the world. Now, we have presented in France, USA, Japan, Thailand, India, Australia and Myanmar. Founding a representative office in Korea market is our schedule in near future. Other than our abroad development, we have gained credit for our high quality of translation. Our translation procedure has been certified ISO 9001-2008 accreditation. The advantage of this accredited is that your Korean translation will be processed in accordance with a standard procedure, hence, the quality of translation will be accurate up to 99% and the cost of translation will be cut down
Our Korean translation company is expertise for these Korean translation services:
  • Datasheets, technical Manuals
  • Press releases, handbooks, surveys
  • Marketing Brochures & catalogues
  • Legal Contracts, Law Documents
  • Medical equipment: instruction manuals, brochures and software
  • Software localization
  • Website translation, film translation

Saigon Translation – Korean translation agency

Certainly, these above translation services are compatible for all kinds of web file formats, such as XHTML, HTML, XML, FLASH, JAVA, CSS, PHP, ASP
To learn more about our Korean translation services as well as explore more information of Saigon Translation Company as a Korean translation company, please contact to us via.
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