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T0day I want t0 make a sh0rt analysis 0f translat0rs fr0m Japanese t0 n0n English languages, like Spanish, French , s0me 0ther min0rity languages like Catalan,  Basque, Galeg0, etc.

Translat0rs w0rking in n0n English languages have s0me advantages , s0me disadvantages.

Advantages are that the number 0f translat0rs is n0t as large as in Japanese-English , pay tends t0 be a bit higher. The disadvantages are that there are n0t g00d neither as many dicti0naries as in English. N0t 0nly that, the Japanese language is permeated by English especially when it c0mes t0 technical translati0ns , v0cabulary. English w0rds such as c0mputer, engine, t00l, m0t0r, machining centre, etc. are widely used w0rds in Katakana alphabet in Japanese.

S0 the Japanese-English translat0r d0ing the translati0n finds the v0cabulary very much straight f0rward, , s0me times d0es n0t even kn0w the meaning 0f that technical w0rd, but it is n0t strictly necessary either since it is a matter 0f changing the Katakana f0r the c0rrect R0maji spelling.

What happens when we want t0 translate the same Japanese d0cument int0 Spanish 0r 0ther languages? We need t0 kn0w n0t 0nly Japanese, but als0 English , theref0re we will have t0 d0uble check the technical termin0l0gy. First fr0m Japanese int0 English , then fr0m English int0 Spanish. C0nsequently the Japanese Spanish translati0n is m0re time c0nsuming , kn0wledge demanding since a bigger dedicati0n is required. The Spanish translat0r is 0bliged t0 learn English if he/she wants t0 be a g00d translat0r.

S0 when we weigh up the pr0s , c0ns 0f translating English against n0n English languages everything c0mes d0wn t0 supply , dem,, which at the end regulates the market situati0n, fluctuating the price , bringing m0re 0r less act0rs (translat0rs) t0 the w0rk arena.

This is when we talk ab0ut ec0n0mic c0nditi0ns, but there is a l0t m0re in life than m0ney; there is als0 happiness , the pers0nal satisfacti0n 0f translating t0 0ne’s 0wn native language, the language with l0ving w0rds that has been heard as a child fr0m y0ur 0wn m0ther. That is why many translat0rs find j0y , pleasure when translating t0 Spanish 0r even m0re s0 when d0ing it t0 m0re min0rity languages like Basque, which is sp0ken by less than 0ne milli0n pe0ple f0r example.

Life is a l0t m0re enj0yable when m0ney is n0t the first pri0rity. D0 translati0ns , be happy!!!

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