The number one provider of Vietnamese interpreting service

In Vietnam, Vietnamese interpretation companies are as many as mushrooms after a rainy night. Therefore, it is really hard to tell where one can find the best companies offering Vietnamese interpreting service.

In fact, the majority of Vietnamese interpreters are Vietnamese native citizens. Because Vietnamese is a very difficult language to learn, while Vietnamese people have many advantages when studying any foreign language, it is Vietnamese people who understand most about their mother tongue. However, the interpreting skills require more than language skills.

Experiences, and strong mental are needed too. Saigon Translation has been long considered the number one provider of Vietnamese interpreting service. Located in Ha Noi, Saigon Translation has developed a large network of clients all over Vietnam and many other parts of the world.

With the help and support of thousands of partners across five continents Saigon Translation is becoming the leading company in Vietnamese interpreting service.

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