There is no doubt that Japanese is considered one of the hardest languages around the world. The three distinct writing systems play the biggest role in making up the complexity of Japanese. These systems include Hiragana, Katakana and the most difficult Kanji which roots from Chinese language. Despite the difficulties brought to learners, Japanese is still known as one of the most popular foreign languages. The fast and wide spread of Japanese language as well as Japanese culture have led to the rise in Japanese document translation services demand. High quality linguistic services of Saigon Translation offer Japanese to Vietnamese translation, Vietnamese to Japanese translation, especially Vietnamese to Japanese Kanji translation and much more.

Large team of translators providing quick and precise responses

As a high end Japanese translation company, in house translators of saigon translation have formed a professional team who are exceptionally efficient in dealing with customer’s translation enquiry. Not only have sufficient capability in the language itself, our translators also have native knowledge to provide customers with practical local experience which will be very helpful to your translation project. Our staff are qualified to deliver precise work of up to 99% in accuracy. In addition to the specialised skills and knowledge, responsibility, enthusiasm and supportiveness are also some further plus points if you opt for Saigon Translation Japanese document translation services.

The number of Saigon Translation internal specialised staff has reached 50 in total including translators  and interpreters. This is not to mention an external network of more than 3,000 global freelancers. Thanks to the high number of high expertise translators, Saigon Translation has the sufficient power to respond quickly to your translation enquiry. Regardless the difficulty of the project, Saigon Translation commits to submit our work within the set time frame even for such a well known hard language as Japanese with the preservation of the highest precision level.

Over 10 years of experience in dealing with multiple large projects 

Saigon Translation was established in 2005 and since then has been trying to continuously improve our translation services to the higher level. Thanks to both the deep experience in the language industry as well as all the efforts over the last 11 years, Saigon Translation was able to build up our own translation process. This translation process is our proud product which ensures the quality of every project, even when we have to deal with several at the same time.

We are thankful to many valued customers who have been supporting Saigon Translation over the past years by giving us more chances to contribute to your business success. saigon translation take pride in being trusted by many big corporations. Specifically in Japanese language sector, we entered collaboration with Yamaha, Panasonic, etc. We are looking for opportunities to build strategic partnership with more customers of both individual and corporation in the near future to bridge their success. Our ability to customise translation package for special request will also be much beneficial to many customers.

Japanese translation services with strong expertise in various areas

Our Japanese translation services can be provided at high quality in various areas. Saigon Translation top strong expertises are:

  • Manufacturing
  • IT/Software/Website 
  • Banking/Financial
  • Legal and General Management

Other areas like chemical, construction, society, etc. are also well covered under our translation services. Moreover, Saigon Translation is offering excellent translation and interpretation services in up to 50 different languages. Hence, if you are looking for more possibilities, feel free to place your enquiry. The followings are listed for your reference. We cover but not limited to:

  • English to Japanese translation, Japanese to English translation
  • Vietnamese to Japanese translation, Japanese to Vietnamese translation
  • French to Japanese translation, Japanese to French translation

And approximately 100 other language pairs including Korean, Thai, Laos, Chinese, Russian, Khmer, etc.

In conclusion, Saigon Translation professional Japanese translation services and other language services are essential to your successful business growth. We have:

  • Large team of qualified translators with high work ethics
  • Guaranteed punctual submission
  • Deep experience in simultaneously handling multiple projects
  • Efficient self developed translation process
  • Strong expertise in various industrial areas and up to 50 different languages besides Japanese
  • Customisation possibility according to customer’s request
  • and even more: utmost customer information confidentiality, access to modern technology, etc.

All these advantages are waiting for you to explore. Contact us now for information and a free quote.

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