Over billion of native Chinese speakers all over the world is a potential and promising land for any Chinese translation company to develop their translation services.
Saigon Translation Company is also an expert Chinese translation company that is famous for our 10 years of reputation. Based on our experience, we have consolidated and built a useful list of questions and answers in order to facilitate our current or potential clients in deciding a suitable services.
Let’s start with some typical questions first. You can find the whole list at our website.
Who are Saigon Translation’ Chinese translators?
Saigon Translation Company’ assures that our Chinese translators are highly skilled professionals with at least five years of experience. Being different from many firms, we do not use low cost solutions such as part-time, college students or the cheapest resource available to execute your translation. We believe that no other company is as selective as Saigon Translation at recruitment policy. Among hundreds of applicants, we choose only  a few. These Chinese translators are not only native Chinese but also a linguist of its language pair, such as English, Japanese, French, Korean, Malaysian, Indian, Spanish, Italian and so on. Especially, most of them have achieved the highest degree of a specific industry, which enables them to be familiar with handling your specific type of document. Therefore, you can rest assure that only the best Chinese translators are allowed to serve you
What’s about confidentiality? All Saigon Translation Company translators are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. Moreover, our data is managed by the most modern security software that will protect your information the most
What languages do our Chinese translation company offer? Saigon Translation Company can provide Chinese translation for over 170 languages and vice verse. Please access to our website for more details of languages and our customers
How much does our Chinese translation agency charge you?
The translation rate, of course, will depend on the language that you would like to translate from or into Chinese. Generally, a document with complexity, a great number of pages and was written in rare language will cost much more than a short and popular language. However, we assure 100% that the rate of our Chinese translation services is the most competitive and hidden fee excluding
How long will our translation take? On average, a short or medium document translation will take us one day to one week to complete. Like cost, the turnaround time depends a lot on the length and difficulty of the original material. But once finalizing the deadline, we will try our best to meet the clients’ deadline with high-quality service
How can I get quotation? There are several easy ways to request for a quotation with Saigon Translation. You can either call us or email us with the attached document for our assessment. Facsimile or direct appointment is also a good way. Remember that, not only Chinese translation services, the quotation for any other services are totally free
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