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What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation? Before deciding whether to use simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, you are suggested to learn about the specific features of each service, so let’s take a close look at these types!

The difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

This mode of interpretation services is always ranked among the most complex and sophisticated tasks that only can be carried out by experienced linguists.

Simultaneous interpretation is often used in a conference, a summit or a high level meeting, where there is a really formal setting and a large number of multinational audiences.

No. of languages: 3+

Interpreting method and Required equipments:

Organizers need to set up devices for both interpreter and attendee. In standard for this mode of interpreting, translators of each language sit in an isolated booth. They listen to the speech of the source-language speaker through earphones and render every finished sentence into target-language. The simultaneous interpreter speaks to a microphone in the booth which transmits to the target-language audiences’ headphones. Like this, the speaker doesn’t have to pause or get distract while performing their speech and the audiences can follow the process continuously.

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Consecutive interpretation

Prior to the employment of simultaneous interpretation, consecutive mode was one of the top choices for all kind of conferences and events. And in today business, Saigon Translation’ clients require this service mostly for press conferences, investor meetings, and court hearings which include a small group of people.

No. of languages: 2

Interpreting method and Required equipments:

While performing consecutive interpretation, interpreter sits or stands beside the speaker, takes note of the key messages in his/her speech. The speaker, then, would pause after every 5 minutes or when he wants the interpreter to render his words. The most difficult task of the linguist is to listen and take note in the source language and prepare the translation in another language at the same time. As an Asian interpretation services provider, Saigon Translation specializes in providing consecutive interpreting for English <> Asian languages (Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Khmer, Burmese,…) and between 2 Asian languages.


Saigon Translation was proud to provide interpretation for Miss Earth 2010 held in Nha Trang, Vietnam

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