Simultaneous interpretation services


Providing professional Simultaneous interpretation services in Asian – Pacific region

Simultaneous interpretation services ( or simultaneous translation services) is also known as conference interpretation, which is considered one of the most sophisticated services in the domain of language services since it requires the smooth combination of experienced simultaneous interpreters and their knowhow in using audio/technical equipments.

As a translation – interpretation services company based in Vietnam with 10 years of experience, Saigon Translation is among the top providers in Asian language industry. We specialize in providing first-class simultaneous interpretation services for conferences, meetings involving the attendance of multi-national participants. To meet all of our client’s needs, Saigon Translation offers a complete range of simultaneous interpretation services including supporting and management electric devices, providing interpreters with experiences that match the subject matters of the conference. We are proud to be the provider of interpretation services for many events, conferences and meetings in Asia including:

–          Conference Interpretation for CISCO negotiation between Japan and India

–          Simultaneous Interpretation SingaporeSimultaneous Interpretation for IIR Exhibitions in Singapore)

–          Educational Conference Vietnam – Columbia

–          Conference Interpretation for Bentley EMEA-Bentley Systems International

–         Simultaneous Interpretation for  conference of  World custom organization  (WCO) Vietnam General Department  for Custom

Contact our team at, we are more than glad to give our advices and help you organize a successful event!

 Choosing your provider of simultaneous interpretation & translation services

To save time as well as budget of our clients, Saigon Translation has a team of technicians whose mission is to well prepare all the necessary equipments before the conference and manage them throughout the event. When you go looking for simultaneous translation services, choosing the right interpreters is crucial for the success of your meeting.


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