The Client

Founded in 2010, Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam is 100% overseas subsidiary of Uryu & Itoga, a well known law company in Japan. U & I Advisory Service Vietnam’s main business is to provide full package of consulting services to Japanese enterprises investing and entering Vietnamese market. Particularly, services provided by the company can be listed: investigation, market research, law principle, public relation consulting, translation, project management and business opportunities seeking.

The Challenge

Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam was building a nuclear power plant in Vietnam. Documents on nuclear power, however, include many difficult and technical terms which make it not easy for experts to translate them. This was the reason why Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam needed to find a professional translation company to solve its difficulties.

The saigon translation Solution

saigon translation Global Company is a global professional services company that is engaged in providing nuclear power translation service to many famous and powerful corporations and manufacturers in the world. After being taken into account among various strong rivals through extremely tough selection, on March 20th, 2013, a long-term cooperation contract on nuclear power English-to-Vietnamese translation was successfully concluded by saigon translation Global company and Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd. The trust from Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd is not only our honor but also a great drive encouraging saigon translation to continuously develop and offer Clients with the best-quality translation services

Or you can download the case-study document here: translation project on nuclear power with Uryu & Itoga

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