The client

As one of the primary companies of DEME Group, Dredging International is highly respected worldwide with 175 years’ experience. Since its establishment in 1974, Dredging International has become the dredging specialist in the construction industry. The company’s specializes are construction and development of harbours, artificial islands, canals and inland waterways, estuarial dams, beach replenishment and coastal protection, supply of dredged aggregates and salvage activities, dyke construction and reinforcement. In 2012, Dredging International had carried out Soai Rap Dredging Project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The challenge
saigon translation Global had translated a large number of documents regarding construction and dredging. We have built and developed a database of terminology and term to support this long-term project. A team of experienced translators and project managers had taken part in the implement of DI’ translation project and contributed to the success of the cooperation between DI and saigon translation.

saigon translation’ solution

saigon translation has a skilled team of linguists who are specialized in construction, mining and manufacturing. It’s our honor to become Dredging Internationals’ strategic partner in translation field.

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