The Client

Star Engineering Joint Stock Company is a private company registered under the laws of Social Republic of Vietnam. The company has been established late 2005 to service the rapid economic and industrial expansion in Vietnam. SEC targets and serves the offshore Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power generation and Marine industries.

The Challenge

In the context of market-based economy, SEC has co-operated with many international reowned manufacturers (OEM’s) who are leaders in their own field of business in order to expand its trademark and its share as well in the market. The challenge SEC has to face with was, however, language barrier in the workplace. To overcome this difficulty, SEC required a flexible and accurate translation solution.

The saigon translation Solution

saigon translation Global Company is a global professional services company that brings extensive experience in the execution of large scale translation/interpreting projects and a standardized system to manage these contracts successfully. Because saigon translation has an excellent team of experts on the field of engineering or construction, on January 1, 2013, saigon translation overcomed other competitors to become a long – term partner of SEC and translated accurately 3700 technical pages from English to Vietnamese. Thanks to SEC’s trust, saigon translation has motivation for ongoing development.

Or you can download the case-study document here: translation project with SEC

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