he client

Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Laos have become hot places to invest, thanks to their steady economic growth and active policies to attract foreign investments.

In response, Yulchon opened office in Hochiminh City in 2007 and Hanoi in 2009, and has provided legal services related to regional investments in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. In addition, Yulchon operates a separate team dedicated to Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries, where experts in the laws of the Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia, and Korean and foreign lawyers work closely with each other in order to offer systematic and expert advice to clients from Southeast Asian countries.

The challenge

Financial and legal translation services are some of essential parts of international commerce. All financial documents must be accurate and delivered on time. Yulchon LLC has come to rely on Dịch Thuật Sài Gòn financial translation services so that they can assure the quality of final translation and privacy of business information.

Dịch Thuật Sài Gòn solution

Dịch Thuật Sài Gòn is a professional translation services company based in Vietnam. Our translation services are done by a dedicated team of pre-selected and experienced linguists with specific expertise on finance and banking.

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