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Being the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is a common destination for most of the international people and students. Living here, the people can easily catch up with the pace of life as well as adapt to the new culture since it is one of the most comfortable places in the world. However, there is an obvious obstacle to not only tourists but also local people, the diversified languages. Although English is an official language, Chinese, Indonesian, Greek, Russian and other languages are spoken widely by 140 ethnics and communities in Australia. With the aim to help Australian residents to improve the situation and bridge Australian’s success with language solutions and business supports, a branch of Saigon Translation Company has been set up recently to provide translation services in Melbourne

Why should you choose translation services in Melbourne of Saigon Translation Company?

We are aware that many translation companies running its business in Melbourne, but Saigon Translation is an outstanding name that is different from the others. Let us tell you why. We were established in 2005 in Vietnam. After 10 years of operations, we are now presenting in over 70 cities across the 5 continents. We also have a pool of talented in-house personnels and over 10.000 qualified freelancers in many countries across Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It means that Saigon Translation is not a small company with limited locations; we are a global professional services company that brings extensive experience in the execution of large-scale translation or interpreting projects and a standardized system to all customers. In terms of quality, our translation procedure has been accredited ISO 9001 -2008, the most reputable certification for any translation company. We are also a member (of) of ATA, ELIA and AATI, some regional prestige translation associations of the world.

Moreover, we provide a full range of language and business services including professional translation, interpretation, website translation, subtitling, voice-over, multi-cultural marketingconsulting and litigation support to multi-national companies and so forth to over 170 languages, such as English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Malaysian, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Remarkably, our translation services in Melbourne are delivered with 58 domains which covers and fullfil all clients’s requirements, for example economics, finance and banking, information technology, electronics, construction,medication, telecommunication, hydro power, law, science, etc

Additionally, Saigon Translation always put ourself in customers’ shoes to listen to customers’ wants and needs. With a processing capacity up to 10.000 words per day, our translation services in Melbourne are delivered with fast turnaround time and at competitive pricing. This advantage could save time and money for clients.

Remarkable projects of Saigon Translation

If you are still confused of the translation services in Melbourne of Saigon Translation, please have a glance at some projects we have done successfully.

  • ·         Film translation and clip Dubbing for Zibanka for Media Services Pvt. Ltd (India)
  • ·         Video clips Transcription for Airlines Petrol Center
  • ·         Exhibition Interpretation for United Kingdom University
  • ·         Simultaneous Interpretation for IIR Exhibitions in Singapore
  • ·         Monthly Press Translation for Venice Press

Document translation of Macao cell house knowledge, Law of national and regional flag, fire-fighting knowledge, rules for administrative and psychological staff of HG Tourist Joint Stock Company.

You are more than welcome at Saigon Translation . Please drop in on our branch office and experience the translation services in Melbourne. 

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