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Lying on the South East of Australia, Sydney is considered as one of the most comfortable cities in the world. It is famous for Opera House, beautiful beaches and Port Jackson, the largest port all over the world. Moreover, all visitors seems to be hypnotized by its endless green space when visiting here. These advantages partially explain why many foreigners decided to leave their own countries and settle down in this city. Foreigners in Sydney face to many difficulties in language and discrepancies in regulations when starting a new life. Understanding the situation of these compatriots, another branch of Saigon Translation company, a Vietnamese-nationality company was established to provide the translation services in Sydney to all peoples and local enterprises.

Why should you choose the translation services in Sydney of Saigon Translation ?

Saigon Translation Company is a global professional services company that brings extensive experience in the execution of large scale translation/interpreting projects and a standardized system to manage these contracts successfully. Saigon Translation is located with offices in over 70 cities across the 5 continents. In Australia, Saigon Translation owns hundreds of personnel as well as thousands of qualified freelancers. They are both highly qualified linguists and experienced experts in complicated domains, such as economics, banking & finance, nuclear power, construction, law, medical treatments and so forth. Moreover, with an ISO 9001 -2008 applied and membership of ATA, ELIA and AATI, Saigon Translation exists solely to provide high quality translation and interpretation services to our customers.

What kinds of translation services does Saigon Translation provide in Sydney?

Sydney is a colorful city with diversified ethnics and languages.  Other than English, 30% of its population speak another language, for example, Chinese, Indonesian, Greek and Russian. Certainly, these languages, sometimes, clash with each other in the same country. At Saigon Translation, we are able to solve this problem perfectly as we can provide translation services in over 170 languages. Additionally, the translation services in Sydney cover a wide range of service that suit any need and demand of customer that suit any need and demand of customers. In details:

  • Translation Services: This service includes document translation, book translation, legal and certified translation, software & website translation. Among these kinds, the legal and certified translation is requested the most by many Vietnamese, international students and immigrant for Immigration or Naturalization Documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, degrees and so forth
  • Interpretation Services: This service consists of consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and remote-telephone interpreting
  • Voice-overs/ dubbing Services: to read and record manifestos, welcome greetings, menus/options, slideshow presentations or whatever else you need in a professional studio and edited to the highest technical quality.
  • Subtitling, Captioning: to caption services for all tape formats and technology platforms
  • Transcription Services: to transcribe all digital file formats and micro-cassette tapes
  • Staffing Solutions: to provide exceptional customer services and staffing solutions that help customers improve their business and overcome language barriers

You are more than welcome at Saigon Translation . Please drop in on our branch office and experience the translation services in Sydney

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