Using CSR to Keep Talents

Increasingly integrative economy, increasingly fierce competition, the problem of human resources becomes more and more important. To keep good staff, businesses are using all means such as salary increase, bonus, training increase and employees’ additional authority assignation.

However it seems not anyone mention the use of values of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a “weapon” in the “battle of human resources”.

Many case studies’ results in North America proved the close relationship between CSR implementation and the business’ ability of seizing and keeping talents. The reason is proficient and prestigious people often want to work in where they think is good in society and proud.

CSR also acts to popularize to enhance business image in the labor market. Salary, post and other regimes are specific things to push people to work, but CSR is invisible values that can contribute to keep people stay with the business. That invisible feelings wire sometimes helps to keep people tighter and be harder to compete and clone.

But due to businesses as a whole pay less attention properly to CSR issues, the application of CSR values on human resources management is less and less pay attention. Some suggestions below can help businesses to improve CSR’s performance while seizing and keeping staff better.

Associate staff with CSR

A very common existence is that staffs often know little about the CSR implementation efforts of their own business. For example, often little known what business is doing to waste disposal or reduce pollution in the workplace. Because they are unknown so they do not care and appreciate the true worth of what business is doing.

Therefore business missed a good chance to do “internal marketing” with staff, enhance the values of implementing CSR. Clearly business should strengthen to use inside information channels to help staff comprehend and pride that their business knows not only profits maximization. But only marketing information is insufficient. Business should get staff more involved in CSR programs.

Depending on which business, those programs can be as simple as making “mini project” do not throw paper with garbage to help to protect the environment; hotels can organize the staff joining to clean the beach; factories organize planning trees, tidying up workplace; woodwork companies get staff participate in plans; food companies visit and give presents to schools, orphanages…

If those programs become regular activities of the business, it helps to prove spirit, sense and pride in CSR, strengthen ties between staff and business together.

Learn and implement CSR according to staff’s expectation

Social responsibility and business ethics not only relate to outward issues meeting the needs of society, appropriate authorities and customers, but also see the staff as a focus. It is unable to say a business has ‘good morality” if it only polish its outside image by social welfare, charity programs but inside is filled with scandals of its staff.

CSR needs to be done first with staff and should begin with basic things such as facilitating good working conditions, reducing harm, heat, paying social and medical insurance for staff… A further step, business need to conduct research and segment staff’s demand to respond better. This is like doing research and market segmentation to customer.

Because of the same issue as medical insurance but staff may have different needs, male differ from female, the old differ from the young, married person differ from unmarried one. Clearly business will create difference in the labor market and keep staff tighter if they know how to learn and meet their staff’s needs in detail and specific.
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