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Approximately, Chinese is spoken by over 1 billion people around the world. As it is the most popular language with a great number of speakers, it is a huge success for any company who is able to launch their product or business to Chinese market. The question is how can they do. Let Saigon Translation Company show you the key.

The highly qualified Chinese Translation Company 

The fact is, due to the overwhelming population in mainland China, the simplified Chinese is always considered as a representative for Chinese in general. Even though a translator is good at simplified Chinese, he or she is likely to get difficulty when reading or using traditional Chinese and vice versa. It is the reason why you should look for a competent Chinese translation agency like Saigon Translation . As for Chinese translation services, we have over 300 translators who are good at both traditional and simplified Chinese, which enable them to use this language flexibly as their mother tongue. Other than language proficiency, our Chinese translators also have deep understanding and translation experience in 58 major industries such as:

·         Chinese translation services for Engineering

·         Chinese translation services for Technology

·         Chinese translation services for Marketing & PR

·         Chinese translation services for Banking & finance

·         Chinese translation services for Law

·         Chinese translation services for Science

·         Chinese translation services for Construction

·         Chinese translation services for Medical & healthcare service

·         Chinese translation services for Education, etc


Assured Chinese Translation Agency

It is no doubt that a single Chinese letter is a combination of many patterns. And only one missing strike may result in a dramatic change of meaning. At Saigon Translation Company, we affirm that these mistakes will not happen as we own our exclusive quality control system which was certified ISO 9001-2008. The quality control is made in every single translation step to make sure that customers can get the best Chinese translation services. Apart from quality, we also have commitment on price and fast delivery. To get more information of our Chinese translation agency, please contact us via our email

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