According to a recent statistic, German is a mother tongue language of over 120 million people all over thew world. German is an official language in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, besides, it is spoken widely in France, Luxembourg, the North of Italia, the East of Belgium and even USA. Therefore, German has been ranked as the most popular language in Europe, which means that the number of German speakers is more than that of English in Europe. Thus, if you or your company is scheduling to expand your business to Europe markets, it is vital for you to master this language. However, this option takes time, may be up to years. Saigon Translation Company will give you another useful option. It is utilizing our experienced German translators
Saigon Translation Company’s German translators are highly skilled professionals with at least 10 years of experience. To become a member of Saigon Translation, they have to be rigorously screened by our linguistic recruiter and show the actual evidences, which prove that they are good command in German and at least another language, such as English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, etc or even a rare language such as Arabic, Philander, Polish, Thai, Rumanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Slovakian, Latin and so forth. Only the best German translators are invited to work with Saigon Translation. With this stringent recruitment policy, Saigon Translation is so proud to have an ideal team of German translators that can handle all types of material, for example:
  1. Manuals, payroll records, brochures, books, memorandum, letters, e-mails, surveys, personnel announcements, job descriptions, education transcripts, magazineinstructions, newspaper articles, labels, standard forms, notices, signs, receipts, menus, warranties
  2. Financial Services:  Commercial contract, account information, financial statements,credit histories and reports, loan documents, mortgage papers, financial applicationspension records;
  3. Healthcare: medical claims, hospital release forms, medical and immunization records, patient billing and instructions, informed consent forms, patients’ rights
  4. Insurance: claims information and forms, accident and medical reports, receipts, death certificatesstatements, release forms
  5. Law Enforcement: investigations, public records, police statements and reports
  6. Court/Legal: divorce papers, complaints, statement of charges, summons, documents, contracts, advice of rights
  7. Public Service/Government: Notices and public service announcements, forms, public signagevoter information

Especially, different from other translation company, Saigon Translation Company does not appreciate the role of translation machine or software in this industry. Although the advance of technology is good, it cannot replace the human ability. Saigon Translation only apply the translation softwares in some minor and simple steps, other than that, we only count on German translator team to provide a high quality deliverable each and every time.

On average, a short German document of one or two pages will take about one to three business days to finish. Factors that can influence on the turnaround time include the length and complexity of the original text or target text, as well as method of transmission and delivery. However, Saigon Translation believes that we can shorten these period of time as we have successfully established our representative office in Berlin, Germany. As such, clients can conveniently visit to get our consultancy as well as make request to us directly
It is no doubt that Saigon Translation Company’s german translation services are the greatest solution for you to expand your market and promote your business relationship
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