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Dịch Thuật Saigon Global Company is a trust-able Australian translation services company which has provided translation services to many customers from Government, authorities, Australian business and community organizations. Our office in Australia is located in Melbourne, the most hustle and bustle city in Australia. Additionally, we also established a wide range of hubs in USA, France, Japan, Germany, India, Thailand and Myanmar
Our difference with other Australia translation agency? Our expertise with the most modern language technology and translation softwares in the world will guarantee that you will receive the best translation service around the globe.
Five Reasons Why You Should choose Dịch Thuật Saigon Global Company
Extra high quality services
As being certified ISO 9001-2008 accreditation, Dịch Thuật Saigon assures that every translation will go through a stringent quality control process before being handed over to clients. After defining your requirement, a translator who is expert in target language with significant experience in specific industry will be assign to process your translation. His translation, then, will be checked by an independent senior translator who will liaise with the original translator to fine-tune the draft translation or make recommendation or correction, if any. Finally, the translation will be edited and formatted to make it a whole complete for client’s picking up
Competitive rate
How many languages can an Australian translation agency provide to you? We are sure that not many companies can deliver as many language solutions as we offer to you. Currently, Dịch Thuật Saigon Global Company can deliver translation services in 170 languages. And the rate of each translation service will be counted basing on the number of words in source document as well as the difficulty of target language. As a leading Australia translation agency, we guarantee that you won’t find any cheaper quote elsewhere that offers the high quality and expertise than we do. 
If you want to be successful, don’t leave your translation to amateur translators or people with very little understanding of your major. With 10 years of experience as well as a wealth of experience dealing with many types of documents and requirements, clients can trust in our experience

Turnaround Time
When you choose the translation services of Dịch Thuật Saigon, your deadline is our deadline! We work diligently and around the clock to meet all deadlines that our clients have. During 10 years in this industry, we have never missed a deadline and will always aim to have your translation completed in the shortest time without compromising in quality.
Besides the standard translation process, our professionalism is presented through our serving attitude. Dịch Thuật Saigon Global Company’s translators are ready and enthusiastic to consult and listen to clients’ feedback. We would like to ensure that our clients’ expectations are exceeded and go about doing this by presenting a professional image and delivering our service with a smile and patience.
If you would like to seek for a positive experience with a leading translation australia company, Dịch Thuật Saigon Global Company should be your choice
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