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Japanese is one of the most difficult 
language in the world. Its complicated rules and various writing styles sometimes cause trouble to learners. This language uses 4 distinct systems of writing, which are Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romanji. While Hiragana is syllabic and the most original writing system in Japan for simple words, conjugations, particles and children’s literatureKanji is based on the complex Chinese writing system and consists of about 2000 signs. As this language is hard to learn, Japanese translation agency play a very important role in translating the Japanese into other local languages for worldwide understanding

For outstanding Japanese translation agency, look no further than Saigon Translation company, Vietnamese-nationality servicer. We have built a network of over 10,000 experienced linguists in which the number of Japanese translators who can provide the highest-quality Japanese translation solutions on time and within budget is up to 400Thanks to that, we can offer professional Japanese translation agency to over 17languages such as English, French, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Laos, Cambodia, etc. Additionally, Saigon Translation company is the largest language services provider to be fully ISO 9001:2008 certified, assuring that all of our Japanese translation services will always meet the clients’ expectation for quality and accuracy.

As one of the largest Japanese translation service provider worldwide, Saigon Translation company has proofed its prestige by successfully establishing its own office in Kobe, Japan. This expansion will make benefits to clients in both Japan and Vietnam as they can save transportation time and get their final services promptly. At the present, we offer specialized Japanese translation solutions and related business services to a number of industries, for example: legal, finance, life science, manufacturing, retail, advertising, technology, etc. Especially, Saigon Translation has collaborated with a number of government agencies in Japan to provide Japanese document translation and Japanese certified translation service to all government-managed areas including Security, Healthcare, HomelandEnergy, Finance, Labor, Agriculture, and others perfectlyMoreover, our security and confidentiality policy are so intelligent that we’re trusted by many famous and distinguished corporates, such as Yamaha, Panasonic, Yamagata, Game Sing, Cement Holcim Company, Uryu & Itoga, Hoya Class Disk, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd, and so forth.

Here-under are some types of Japanese translation services that clients frequently request from Saigon Translation:

·         Japanese Document Translation

·         Japanese Book Translation

·         Japanese Subtitling, Captioning

·         Japanese Dubbing Services

·         Japanese Transcription Services

·         Japanese Staffing Solutions

·           English japanese translation

Saigon Translation company is always standing by you to provide the most reliable Japanese translation company. Contact us to experience this service!


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