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Following USA, France and Indochina, Australia is also a promising land that appeals many Vietnamese. According to a trustable stastistic of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in 2012, there are over 300.000 Vietnamese living in Australia. In which, with 40 percentage of total, the Vietnamese population density in Sydney is the highest. In the context that the Vietnamese in Sydney, like other foreign nationalities, confront with many difficulities in language and discrepancies in regulations when starting a new life. Moreover, Australia has onsistently remained the 10th strategic trade partner of Vietnam for many years, which opens a great deal business opportunities for both countries. In order to facilitate Vietnamese and Australian’s companies in communicating and transactions, Saigon Translation company, a Vietnamese-nationality company was established its branch to provide Vietnamese translation in Sydney

Our team of Vietnamese translation in Sydney, who are we? Saigon Translation’ team of Vietnamese translation in Sydney consists of many expert and experienced translators. Each translator is professor, doctor or lecturer at universities, embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Institute of Research as well as qualified foreign experts with full enthusiasm and high expertise. Thanks to the excellent human resources, Saigon Translation becomes a leading professional service provider in terms of Vietnamese translation in Sydney. Besides, all our translators are required to pass a Vietnamese translation request and provide a minimum of three positive recommendations from a recognized agency.

What and how do we provide? Our outstanding advantage is proved by exact and perfect Vietnamese translation in 58 domains, for instance, finance – banking, economics, insurance, construction, energy, law, medication, etc. For the time being, Saigon Translation is able to provide Vietnamese translation in Sydney into 170 language pairs, such as:
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into English
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Chinese
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Laos
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Cambodian
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Japanese
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Korean
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into German
·         Vietnamese translation in Sydney from/into Italian and so forth Remarkably, Saigon Translation can provide Vietnamese translation in Sydney with various kind of services, for example:
·         Vietnamese Document Translation
         Vietnamese Legal Translation
·         Vietnamese Book Translation
·         Vietnamese Website/Software Translation
·         Vietnamese copywriting translation
·         Vietnamese multimedia translation services
·         Vietnamese culture consulting and so forth
More importantly, all our given kinds of Vietnamese translation in Sydney are assured to commit with the quality management system which is ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006 so that we can provide you the translation quality up to 99% accuracy. All our projects of Vietnamese translation in Sydney are thoroughly reviewed by the editor team before handing to clients.
Last but not least, Saigon Translation is always putting our effort in finding better solutions of Vietnamese translation in Sydney in order to offer a competitive and attractive price to clients.
We invite you to visit us or contact us to learn more about our Vietnamese translation in Sydney and how we can assist you with your business expansion efforts. Exper Trans appreciates the opportunity of helping you, and we look forward to our growing together!
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