Highly qualified French translators with low cost


As a kind of service, translation cost in France is quite expensive. The fee of translation in this country is a real concern and barrier to clients. However, there is still a company who provides highly qualified French translators with the most competitive pricing in France.

It is Saigon Translation Company

Why  can offer the best price to clients?

There are 2 main reasons. First of all, Saigon Translation Company is a professional translation providers originated from Vietnam. Forming from a small firm, now, we are having a chain of offices across many countries and a network of 10.000 free lancers and staff. Outside Vietnam, we have presented in USA, France, Germany, Thailand, India, Japan and Australia. As having our own office in France, we are able to reach more market segments and broaden our customer database while utilizing a pool of native French speakers. Secondly, all of translation projects at Saigon Translation are applied in accordance with the ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006 accreditation.

These stringent standards not only help us in quality controlling but also standardize the process and involvement of each translator or relevant departments, which makes the cost clear and transparent. According to our accounting policy, the translation fee is structured with no hidden charge and once quoting, it will remain for the whole contract period. Therefore, our pricing is always competitive and reasonable although the general pricing system in France is quite expensive

The best team of French translators

Saigon Translation Company is proud to own a group of the best French translators. They have their own advantages that others cannot compete, such as:

  • 100% French translators are native speakers or spend over 10 years working in France
  • Being efficient in at least one foreign language, such as: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc
  • MBA or doctorate degree holders, having in-depth knowledge of one of these majors:  manufacturing, economics, accounting, finance, IT, technology, law, government, public sector, healthcare services, etc
  • Experiencing translating many kinds of projects and materials, for example:  Manuals, credit histories and reports , brochures, financial statements, books, contracts, letters, mortgage papers, e-mails, correspondence, memorandum, financial applications, surveys, payroll records, personnel announcements, job descriptions, education transcripts, magazine or newspaper articles, labels, notices and public service announcements, signs, receipts, warranties, form letters, instructions, menus, etc
  • Quick responses and enthusiastic in giving around-the-clock services

A good French translator should convey the meaning of the original text, read smoothly and be free from spelling or grammatical errors. Selecting Saigon Translation Company, you can be confident you will receive the most accurate translation

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