Medical transcription services

Experience high qualified medical transcription services with Saigon Translation.

Along with the traditional medical translation services such as document translation, interpretation,… Saigon Translation currently provides medical transcription services to meet the the increasing demand of our clients.

It is extremely important that the medical transcription document must be properly converted, edited, and reviewed. If the medical transcriptionist accidentally typed a wrong medication, the patient’s health could be in danger. The medical transcriptionist plays an important role to make sure the transcribed data is accurate and correct.

At Saigon Translation, we support a large range of medical document types, includes research, technology, diagnosis records (Read more about medical specialities and sub-specialities here). Understanding the importance of every translation, especially medical ones, we have continuously developed and enhanced the quality. Saigon Translation is now one of the few companies with modern audio system, capable of supporting all formats of files, so that; we are able to convey the most accurate content to customers.

According to the standard procedure of Saigon Translation’ translation, your records’ transcription will be checked by the some editors who have sound knowledge in medical and health before hand them back to you. In addition, we also offer editing, proofreading, and copy-writing services.

Since the company started up in 2005, we have handled many complex projects for customers that are the worldwide renowned brands. Our staff consists of linguists, experts in language and health areas, and also a large team of freelancers around the world.

Thanks to the high quality of human resources, we guarantee to bring you the best quality of medical transcription services with the accuracy up to 99%. In addition, please keep in mind that our company always offers reasonable and unbeatable rates in the translation industry.

  • English medical transcription services
  • Japanese medical transcription services
  • Chinese medical transcription services
  • German medical transcription services
  • French medical transcription services and so forth

We currently have offices in many countries over the world such as France, USA, Japan, and Indochina,… We sincerely look for providing you the best medical transcription services experience, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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