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Saigon Translation – Leading provider of simultaneous interpreter Singapore

As one of the Asian top financial centers, there are thousands of conferences and meetings hold in Singapore each year, which leads to the fast growing in the demand of simultaneous interpretation services here. Saigon Translation provides experienced interpreters of Asian languages for all events requiring interpretation services in Singapore.

Simultaneous interpretation (aka conference interpretation) is a complex job that requires good combination between experienced interpreters and their knowhow in utilizing audio equipments. Besides simultaneous interpretation, we also supply consecutive, escorting and whispering interpretation.

Our qualified team of trained and experienced simultaneous interpreters are able to perform in diverse fields including but not limited to legal, business, foreign affairs and medical.

How can Saigon Translation support you?

If you’re searching for a simultaneous interpretation services provider with deep expertise and experience, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Please provide us the number of language to be interpreted, the exact location, date and type of event so that we can give you a detailed quote.

Simultanenous interpretation service prices

It’s depended on language pairs and subject of the conference to estimate the cost. It’s not compicated. We just need some basic information before giving you the quote in order to make sure you get the suitatble service. Send an email with your name and number to, we will call back within 5 minutes.

Facts about simultaneous interpretation

1. A simultaneous interpreter can only perform his/her task perfectly in period of 20′-30′ because they need to concentrate highly during the process.

2. It’s recommended that event organizers meet and discuss with interpreters about the subject as well as other requirements before the conference arrives.

3. Interpreters of each language pair must sit in separated soundproof booths to avoid disturbing.

Please feel free to contact us if you need consultation and quotation for simultaneous interpretation and translation service in Singapore.


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