The client

Since its establishment in 1973, Daewoo Engineering and Construction (E&C) has led Korea’s construction industry with superb technologies and high quality products and services in their core business fields such as housing, architectural works, civil projects, power and industrial plants, and overseas project development businesses.

Our Services

Daewoo ordered editing and proofreading services for their pre-translated bidding document in English and Vietnamese. Bidding translation requires not only preciseness but also on-time delivery since it make a direct impact on the success of the project.  In addition, all information in bidding document must be kept in confidentiality and privacy procedures throughout the translation process.

Daewoo counted on Saigon Translation to provide professional and qualified proofreading services since we are among few translation agencies providing an experienced team of linguists and freelancers with a solid background in various subjects, especially in construction and manufacturing.

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