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Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe: Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City, minorities in Monaco, Malta, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Libya, SomaliaEritrea, Somalia and by immigrant communities in some areas of the Americas and Australia. It is also the fifth most taught language in the world. Hence, only by getting assistance from a professional Italian translator, can your business relationship and market be expanded widely in Europe. Saigon Translation Company, ten-year-experienced translation company will provide the best Italian translators that suit for any need.

As stated, Italian is the first language for approximately 65 million people around the worldIn spite of the regional variations in the spoken language, the majority of Italians speak standard Italian which is mixed between the northern and southern dialects. Variations also exist in the written language. They generally represent as abbreviations or colloquial slang in modern electronic communication, such as email or SMS. Saigon Translation Company assures that 100% of our Italian translators are native Italian who have standard Italian, thus, only standard Italian is used for our Italian translation service.
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Despite of originating from Vietnam, Saigon Translation Company, as its name, has a wide range of representative offices across many countries and a network of over 10.000 translation free lancers and collaborators. At Italy, we have connected a team of experienced highly qualified and specialized Italian translatorsThey are native bilinguals of both standardized Italian and other regional languages, such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, etc. Which enables us to deliver the Italian translation services in 170 languages and offer comprehensive variety of translation fields including finance, scientific, art, technical, culture, legal, law, commercial/promotional, etc. In order to assure the best translation service to clients, Saigon Translation assigns projects to Italian translators basing on many key factors such as their accreditation, their area of expertise and the translator’s country of residence After scanning and skimming the source text /project / document, the assigned Italian translator will begin translating it into target language, then, pass it to other senior Italian translators for proofreading and quality checking.
More importantly, while other translation company charges you a fortune or a lot of money for this service, our translation fee for a Italian translator is very reasonable and competitive. With industry ethics and reputation over 10 years, Saigon Translation always want to be a bridge to connect corporates and help them to open further opportunities. As such, we understand that the cost of translation should be set at acceptable level to encourage the clients to invest their money in this service, not to make them hesitate and leave their chance
If you are interested in our Italian translators and Italian translation company, please contact us via the address as follows. Our service is around the clock.


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