How can you hire a professional translation service while there are thousands of translation agencies in the market and all of them keep marketing themselves as the best one?

Tips for hiring professional translation services

Some of you may think that translation service is only a supporting and optional tool. In fact, translation service plays an important role in contributing to your success in any business, such as investing decision, expansion plan, marketing campaign or even customer conference


If you have no experience in choosing and working with translation agency. Hereunder are some tips for hiring professional translation services that you should bear in mind at least to ensure that you are partnering with a trustable translation company and getting the highest quality of translation

  • Qualification: it refers to qualification of translation company itself and the degrees of its translators. One of the evidence that persude the clients most is the qualification or certification showing that this translation company follows a standard translation procedure with careful quality control. Typical accreditation that a professional translation service is awarded is ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006. Similarly, the qualification of translators is also very important. Whether it is issued by a reputable institutions or not can somehow tell you their ability of languages and specific industry
  • How big is it?: A professional translation service must have many years of experience. It must also have a clear vision and expansion plan to reach global market. If it is not a big company, it cannot provide diversified types of language solutions and provide translation for many languages as well as areas. Another tip is looking for its clients list. If it has partnered with many giant corporations and international organizations, you will rest assure with its operations
  • Price: It is not always true that price goes with quality, at least in translation industry. In terms of getting the cost-effective benefit, you may ask quotes from many translation agencies for your comparison. But once obtaining the quotes, you should look into them to find the most detailed, transparent and reasonable quote, not the cheapest one or expensive one. You should be clear if this quote is fixed or hide any additional charges before deciding to proceed with the translation company

You can do the checklist via call, emails or even search for their information on the Internet. But it is still recommended that you should take time to visit its office and meet up directly to verify what you have listened or saw

Based on the given criteria, Saigon Translation Company one of the best adive that you can liaise with. With 10 years of experience, representative offices in over 10 countries, ISO 9001-2008 certification and ability to provide translation into 170 languages and 58 industries, Saigon Translation is the most professional translation service that you cannot ignore

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