Avon is a cosmetics company leading and one of the largest direct sales world. Avon is a company steeped in tradition, based on its  core values and principles  as well as the his vision “is to understand and meet the company products, services and self-improvement of women’s needs -. around the globe”


Everyday, Avon brings beauty to the lives of women worldwide. To meet the beauty needs of women, Avon has brought her beauty products to countries around the world including Vietnam. Consequently, Avon Vietnam was established and necessary to service and product registration dossiers notazie.

Solution saigon translation

saigon translation Company is a global professional services firm brings global experience in implementing large-scale translation / interpretation projects and a standardized system to manage contracts successfully. With the contingent translators, translation and notazied saigon translation accurate registration records Avon products. confidence from Avo work in Viettnam not only our honor but also a great drive saigon translation encourage and further develop providing customers with quality translation services best.

 Or you can download the documents in this case study:    translation projects with AVON


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