Vietnamese translation in Australia

Saigon Translation – Vietnamese translation in Australia

Although English is an official language, Vietnamese is one of the most popular languages in Australia since there are over 300.000 Vietnamese living in this country. Especially, its popularity has been widened since the mutual relationship between two countries was boosted and Australia became the 5th largest exporting market of Vietnam. Based on the demand of Vietnamese people and companies in Australia, a branch of Saigon Translation company has been established to provide Vietnamese translation in Australia

Saigon Translation company, a well-known translation provider, was founded in 2005 with its headquarter in Vietnam. Other than Australia, Saigon Translation has successfully set its own branches in many countries outside Vietnam such as USA, France, Thailand, India, Germany, Japan and Myanmar. Saigon Translation brings extensive experience in the execution of largescale translation/interpreting projects and a standardized system to manage these contracts successfully. Currently, Saigon Translation provides services of translation, interpreting, transcription, voice-over, subtitling and dubbing services for multiple languages and staffing solutions, with hundreds of personnel as well as 3.000 qualified freelancers in many nations across Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Among these provided services, certified translation services and legal translation are the most requested Vietnamese translation in Australia. Firstly, many Australian organizations and companies who are dealing business with Vietnam need Vietnamese translation service to help them prepare or translate contracts from / into Vietnamese. Secondly, the Vietnamese who are not good at English or meet difficulty in law discrepancies always seek advice from Saigon Translation . For the time being, the Vietnamese translation in Australia are supporting clients majorly in:

  • Vietnamese Divorce Certificate/Documents Translation
  • Vietnamese Judgement Translation
  • Vietnamese Police Record Translation
  • Vietnamese Wills Translation
  • Vietnamese Education and Academic Degree Translation
  • Vietnamese Diploma and Degree Translation
  • Vietnamese Naturalization Papers Translation
  • Vietnamese Immigration Papers Translation
  • Vietnamese Global Patents Translation
  • Vietnamese Deposition/Trial Translation
  • Vietnamese Litigation Documents Translation
  • Vietnamese Drivers License Translation
  • Vietnamese Employee Handbooks Translation
  • Vietnamese Technical Manuals Translation
  • Vietnamese Website Content Translation
  • Vietnamese Software Content Translation
  • Vietnamese Brochures and Catalogues Translation
  • Vietnamese Passport Translation

These documents are not only translated into Vietnamese but also be translated from Vietnam into 170 other languages as per clients’ request, for example, English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, etc

Moreover, the Vietnamese translation in Australia is affirmed to deliver with the highest quality. With an ISO 9001 -2008 applied and membership of ATA, ELIA and AATI, Saigon Translation exists solely to provide high quality Vietnamese translation in Australia to our customers. Our team consists of experienced experts and business professionals in 58 fields, which will fuifill any requirement of Vietnamese and Australian, such as economics, finance and banking, information technology, electronics, construction, medication, telecommunication, hydro power, law, science, etc. Remarkably, Saigon Translation can rapidly response to emergent Vietnamese translation request in Australia as we are able to process 100.000 words per day, thus, fasten the turnaround time and save time for clients.

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