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Saigon Translation – Vietnamese translation in Melbourne

It is not a random decision that Saigon Translation company, a leading translation provider, chooses Melbourne as a place to set its office in Australia. Other than the same climate and friendly living conditions, Melbourne is the second home for many Vietnamese. The number of Vietnamese in Melbourne is about 100.000 people, which makes Melbourne reaches the 2nd place in terms of Vietnamese population in Australia. With Saigon Translation , it is not only a simple figure since we can see further than this. It will be a opportunitiy for Saigon Translation to deliver Vietnamese translation in Melbourne and a great number of Vietnamese people here will be a rich pool of clients for us

Saigon Translation Global Company, who am I?

Saigon Translation is a language translation company founded in Vietnam in 2005. We have been providing high quality professional translation services for almost 10 years to some of the largest international companies in the world. With translators in all over the world and support in over 170 languages, we provide a wide range of foreign language translation services. This helps us perfectly deliver translation from any language into Vietnamese, such as: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Indonesia, Malaysian, Laos, Cambodia, ect and vice verses. Moreover, we use an entirely human translation process, supported by a stringent quality policy that is accredited ISO 9001-2008 and followed EN 15038-2006. With the best quality and fast turnaround period, Saigon Translation has become a no.1 option of many fastidious entrepreneurs and organizations throughout 10 years of operations. With these advantages and experience, we believe that our Vietnamese translation in Melbourne will beyond your expectation

Vietnamese translation in Melbourne, why should you choose us?

To answer the above question, it is our outstanding quality. In order to attain the best quality in every single project, we strictly focus on recruitment. All our translators providing Vietnamese translation in Melbourne are highly experienced and qualified professionals. Their knowledge of the translated domains as well as language ablitity were well-screened during our complicated selection process so that only specialists who own the best qualification, industry experience and subject expertise are allowed to process translation. Remarkably, Saigon Translation owns approximately 10.000 free-lancers all over the world, which enable us to provide Vietnamese translation in 58 industries, for example, economics, banking and finance, science, construction, technique, medication, law and so forth.

Addionally, our business development team has made many efficient reaseach to find out what kinds of service, which suits the demand of Vietnamese translation in Melbourne the most, so that Saigon Translation will concentrate on developing them to fullfil their demands. Hereunder are some typical services of Vietnamese translation in Melbourne:

  • Document translation
  • Book translation
  • Legal and certified translation
  • Software & website translation
  • Copywriting translation
  • Vietnamese multimedia translation
  • Vietnamese culture consulting and so forth

Particularly, the legal and certified translation is requested the most by many Vietnamese, international students and immigrant for Immigration or Naturalisation Documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, degrees and so forth For more details, please drop in on our branch office and experience Vietnamese translation in Melbourne.

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